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Rejuvenate Your Mind & Body

21 Days ~ Become Your Top Priority in 2023

January 8th - 29th 2023
Your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.
Give yourself the attention you deserve and show up feeling your best in 2023.
Your habits reflect your priorities; this 21-day course will give you an easy-to-follow map and guide to prioritize your well-being. Inspired by Ayurveda, the science of life, you will learn time-tested practices for feeling your best.
This program emphasizes listening to your whole self, integrating gentle detoxification, nourishment, rest, movement, self-massage, and mind-body rituals to establish a caring commitment to your everyday well-being.

Tea Meditation.jpg


  • Guides to optimize your digestion, sleep, and overall energy

  • Easy recipes to cleanse, nourish and restore

  • Practices to soothe your mind and body

  • Body-type exercise plan

  • Breathwork and meditation to balance your nervous system and enhance your mind

  • 3 x per week, mini live and recorded sessions for your convenience and lifetime access

  • Daily support emails


Why Join?

  • To give yourself the attention you deserve

  • Show up in life feeling your best

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • Improve your relationship with yourself

  • Improve your sleep and wake up refreshed

  • Gain sustained mental clarity

  • Optimize your energy

  • Improve your digestion

  • Exercise for your body type



January 8th - 29th

Live on Zoom & recorded

Pacific Time

  • Sundays 

   10 - 11:30 am

  • Mondays & Wednesdays

   7:30 - 8 am

  • Short and sweet support emails

Price (less)

$245 per person

$445 When you pay with a friend

Recipe ingredients and massage oils etc are not included.

21-Day Overview ~ Designed for Busy People

Begin with 30 Nurturing Minutes Per Day


Week 1

  • Nurture your nature

  • Tips for prioritizing yourself

  • Self-massage for a calm musculoskeletal and nervous system

  • Sleep well bedtime rituals


Week 2

  • Vitalizing morning routine

  • Exercise for your body type

  • Tips to optimize your digestion

  • One day nourish and cleanse

Ayurveda oil.jpg

Week 3

  • Self-massage to improve circulation and immunity

  • Review and tune-up of week one and week two activities

  • Two days nourish and cleanse

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