About Caroline


Caroline is known for her intellectual and intuitive understanding of the body, her genuine interest in people’s well-being, and her lighthearted sense of humor. She helps people take care of their mind and body through:

- Health Coaching

- Therapeutic Yoga & Pilates 

- Massage Therapy

Caroline's Story, in Her Own Words:

Caroline Kelley E-RYT 500, BCTMB

I'm passionate about the services I offer because these specialties have made a profound difference in my journey to living pain-free and anxiety-free.

My Story:
At six years old and soon after my mother's death, I began experiencing back and stomach pain; my doctor diagnosed me with grief and counseled that time is a great healer. This was my first introduction to the mind-body connection. Unfortunately, my pain remained, and time didn't make much difference. In addition, my back pain was exasperated by my active lifestyle, including swimming, running, sailing, and windsurfing. By the time I was twelve, I suffered from migraines, and by twenty, I was having anxiety attacks.


Luckily, a friend introduced me to yoga; after an hour of breathing deeply, stretching, and moving mindfully, I felt terrific. Inspired by my new experience, I tried massage therapy. A regular yoga practice with mindful meditation and massage therapy helped immensely; my pains and panic subsided. In 2000 and inspired by the mega shift in my well-being, I began yoga teacher training, which expanded over three years. In appreciation for how different wellness modalities complement each other, I gained a diploma in Massage Therapy from The Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2010. After mentoring under Harvey Deutch, a renowned Physical Therapist, I decided to become a certified Mat Pilates Teacher in 2015; because I saw how he successfully treats his clients, including me, with a combination of Pilates, Yoga, and Massage Therapy techniques. My wellness journey has at times been confusing and frustrating because health often arises by combining holistic practices. For years, I've helped clients go through similar challenges; for this reason, I gained a coaching certification with the International Association of Wellness Professionals to help people navigate their way to a pain-free and anxiety-free lifestyle.

What else?

Nature inspires me. My favorite places are anywhere that you can see thousands of stars in the night sky. For unknown reasons that even I can't explain, I am obsessed with mountain lions.


Why Become Centered?

'From head to heels, you must find your center' - BKS Iyengar


When our body is centered, all postural muscles are working harmoniously with one another; this happens when there is the perfect combination of muscle strength and flexibility. Pain arises either from trauma, a group of tense muscles, or scar tissue causing an awkward pull across joints, which will, over time, create pain and poor body mechanics. Massage, mindful movement, and Coaching can help to center the body.


When our mind is centered, we know how we feel, what we are thinking, and feel in control of these thoughts and emotions in a balanced and peaceful manner. Coaching and Yoga practices help to center the mind.


Our body and mind are connected, when our mind is stressed, our body takes on this stress physically, hence the term 'she/he is a pain in the neck'; likewise, if we have hurt ourselves, the physical pain often causes us to be impatient and more.