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Find Your Personalized Path to Living Well

Step-by-step, Caroline will help you identify where you can make rewarding changes.

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Caroline offers heartfelt coaching; these proactive sessions are conversations where Caroline asks thought-provoking questions and listens attentively. She'll help you tune into your heartfelt desire, recognize your strengths, visualize your path to living well and make progressive steps forward. Caroline will help you listen to your inner wisdom and pay attention to how you want to feel. These sessions will help transform your life using the power of your authenticity; as Oscar Wilde so brilliantly said, 'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.' How you arrive at a healthy and happy lifestyle may look a little different from your friends. Caroline's here to guide you on your personalized journey.


The new year is approaching; in the past, have you set resolutions and failed to achieve them or felt exhausted by the hustle of mustering-up willpower? ( I have many times) If your answer is yes, this is a sign that you chose something based on comparing yourself to others and believing you should do something. Successful resolutions arrive from listening to inner wisdom and tapping into your desires rather than following the masses. When you find your way, living well will be enjoyable and hustle-free.

Client Reviews:

'Caroline is an amazing coach! During my regular coaching sessions, she creates a space where I feel comfortable sharing my most vulnerable life challenges. She listens without judgment and brings compassionate care that is rare to find. I always leave our sessions feeling empowered and cared for. I highly recommend her as a wellness coach!' Hannah Price

'I feel blessed to work with Caroline! I am in the process of launching a small business. Before meeting with her, I felt overwhelmed and stressed. Caroline’s kind and supportive nature helped me organize my thoughts into a clear and manageable plan, greatly reducing my level of anxiety. As we continued to work together my sleep improved, as did my confidence. Caroline’s gentle reassurance brought me peace of mind in the midst of this huge life transition. I highly recommend Caroline’s coaching services!' Vicki Sylvester

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between therapy and coaching?

Generally speaking, coaching focuses on the present and future, whereas therapy focuses on the past and present.

Coaching helps you achieve your health goals by looking at where you are today and creating action steps towards achieving your goals in the near and far future.

The focus in therapy is more on healing from the past and providing tools for today.

Therapy and coaching often complement one another.

Where are coaching sessions held?

Coaching sessions can either be in person, over the phone or via Zoom.

What's the recommended number of coaching sessions?

This depends on your circumstances and how often you have sessions. The typical amount of time is between two and six months.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancel with 24 hours’ notice, no cost; within 24 hours, full cost of session.

How quickly will I see results from coaching sessions?

Each session focuses on creating a manageable and rewarding step forward; therefore, you can expect to see results early on.