Mind & Body Wellness Coaching

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Step-by-step, Caroline will help you identify where you can make small and rewarding changes.


Wellness coaching is an effective way of reducing stress and overcoming health obstacles. These productive sessions are conversations where Caroline will ask questions and listen attentively. She'll help you recognize your current strengths, visualize your future and learn science-backed strategies to become the healthiest version of yourself.

When it comes to stress, Caroline will help you understand the root causes. Together, you'll identify lifestyle adjustments and practices which will help reduce stress and prevent overwhelming occurrences.

Healthy habits are the keystone to living well. If you feel stuck in a rut, unsure of where to begin, or pain is your obstacle, then Caroline's patient approach will help you find your unique path to a healthier lifestyle.

Client Review:

'Caroline is an amazing coach! During my regular coaching sessions, she creates a space where I feel comfortable sharing my most vulnerable life challenges. She listens without judgment and brings compassionate care that is rare to find. I always leave our sessions feeling empowered and cared for. I highly recommend her as a wellness coach!' Hannah Price

'I feel blessed to work with Caroline! I am in the process of launching a small business. Before meeting with her, I felt overwhelmed and stressed. Caroline’s kind and supportive nature helped me organize my thoughts into a clear and manageable plan, greatly reducing my level of anxiety. As we continued to work together my sleep improved, as did my confidence. Caroline’s gentle reassurance brought me peace of mind in the midst of this huge life transition. I highly recommend Caroline’s coaching services!' Vicki Sylvester

Frequently asked questions

Where do rewards come from?

During each epoch (5 days), a 'bag' collects all transaction fees and newly minted coins. At the end of epoch these collected ADA are redistributed.

How distribution occurs?

a. A fixed amount goes to treasury (used to fund developers for making better code and improving Cardano) b. Then each pool gets their part proportional to their size.

Distribution of rewards to all delegators in a pool?

Reward amount recieved by each delegator is directly proportional to the stake (ADA) delegated to pool. Eg In pool x there ared 2 people delegating their ADA. Person A delegated 75 ADA and Person B 25 ADA. In this case rewards will be distributed in ratio 3:1.

Does delegating means transferring ADA to pool?

No, you do not transfer any ADA to pool. Your ADA remains in your wallet and can be withdrawn/spent anytime you want.