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Corporate Wellness Classes

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Caroline will come to you!
Office Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation


Caroline works with a broad spectrum of companies, including Kaiser Permanente. 30 to 45-minute sessions fit ideally into the workday. Research proves that employees who exercise and practice meditation before going to work - or during lunch breaks' are better equipped to handle whatever the day throws at them. Depending on your company goals, sessions can be Yoga, Pilates or meditation, or a blend of all three

Forward-thinking companies recognize the vast benefits of wellness classes in the workplace. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that US employers lose $70 billion a year due to lost productivity caused by mental distress, and the CDC reports a loss of $225.8 billion due to back pain.

In addition to classes, Caroline regularly speaks on mindfulness in the workplace and presents guidance on how to lower anxiety and stress levels.


Reasons for choosing Corporate Wellness with Caroline:


- You're seeking a professional teacher who will create a calm and friendly environment no matter what's happening in your workplace.


- You want to show your employees that you care about their well-being.


- You want to improve morale in the workplace.


- You'd like to increase productivity and creativity.


- You want to reduce stress and sick-days.

- Your employees are at varying levels of fitness, and you'd like to offer wellness classes suitable for everyone.


- To find the benefits of Yoga and Pilates please see Caroline's services.

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