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Group Online Mindful Movement Classes

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Yoga and mindful movement for you, your family, and furry friends.

Carolines' teaching style is friendly, organized, and centering, with a touch of lighthearted wit. Every class promotes the balance between building strength and flexibility for a healthy, happy body. Her style benefits all body types: flexible, inflexible, those in pain, and those feeling fit as a fiddle.

Thursday, 10 - 11 am (PT)

Roller & Yoga Basics

Enjoy 60 minutes of a slow-paced roller and yoga practice. Suitable for all levels.

* If you don't have a roller, bring a large rolled-up bath towel instead*

Each session begins using a full-length foam roller for core strengthening exercises and continues on to a more classical yoga practice.

Recommended props:

- full-length foam roller (or large bath towel)

- yoga mat

- blocks ( stack of books)

- blanket (or towel)

- strap (belt or dog leash)

Client Review:

After a long hiatus from exercise, I took my first yoga class on January 17, 2017 – now celebrated as my yogaversary. Fortunately for me, the class was taught by Caroline. I now practice several times a week and have realized the benefits in mind, body, and spirit. Caroline’s classes remain my most favorite of all because of her humor, gentleness, and approachability. I am so grateful to have her as a teacher.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a class cost?

Prices are listed when you click the 'Sign-up' button. * If you’re struggling financially, please email me at
and together we’ll workout out a pricing structure that enables you to join my group classes. ** If you're in the position to help me offer classes to those in financial difficulty, please use the 'sign-up' button to donate a little something. Thank you for your generosity!

I'm injured. Can Caroline's classes help?

In the majority of cases yes absolutely! Of course the severity of your condition will need to be taken into account and in some instances a doctors note will be required. Caroline has a deep understanding of the body, and utilizes her skills as a Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, and Pilates Instructor when helping those injured or in pain. If you're intending on joining a public Yoga group class, the Beginner or Basic level classes are recommended. Private Yoga Sessions are an especially effective way of learning how you can take care of yourself and progress towards recovery.

Why are Private Yoga Sessions beneficial?

Private classes are always tailored to you specifically and for this reason you'll gain immensely. Caroline works with a broad spectrum of people with differing interests and goals. Here are some reasons for choosing private yoga with Caroline: - You are very busy and practicing privately is more realistic than going to class. - You’d like to grasp the basics of Yoga and receive personalized instruction. - You’ want help with mastering specific Yoga poses and techniques. - You're injured or have chronic pain and want to learn poses that promote healing. - You'd like a personalized Yoga practice to improve your sports performance. - You’re pregnant or postpartum and want to feel calm and centered. - You’d like to build a meditation practice or explore yogic philosophy.

How do I join a live online class?

Firstly you'll need to sign-up for the date you want to attend by using the 'sign-up' link.

Once you've paid, you'll receive an automated and usually immediate receipt via email. The zoom link and password are on that email.

To find your receipt, search your emails for 'Become Centered' and make sure you find the most recent receipt for the current password.