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Eliminate Pain, Stress and Anxiety

Your Path to Lasting Well-being

Caroline Kelley

Welcome, I'm Caroline.

If you're looking for a nurturing, yet empowering approach to pain relief and stress reduction, you've arrived at the right place.


Using the synergy of yoga, Pilates, and Ayurveda (the science of life), I can help you regain your physical and emotional equilibrium.

Let's explore how my approach can help you revive from pain, stress, and anxiety.

Morocco Retreat 2024

Morocco Yoga & Adventure

April 2024

Join me and regular retreat attendees for a colorful week exploring Marrakesh and beyond.  We'll have luxurious accommodations with attentive staff, a chef, and a hammam for our exclusive use. This incredible vacation includes daily mindful movement and guided experiences for your delight.


Bay Area Day Retreat

September 29th 2024

Join me for a nurturing day of yoga, meditation, and connection. The yoga sessions will be a blend of therapeutic movement, practices to balance your nervous system, and meditation to help you feel positively centered. The eucalyptus scents and the occasional chime of the meditation gong will harmonize your senses, as will a lunchtime stroll through the organic farm to the ocean.

Mindful Movement Classes

Whether you're new to yoga and Pilates, experienced, or recovering from an injury, these sessions will help you feel better in mind and body.

In group classes there is always a theme, i.e Neck and Shoulder Care.

In 1-1 sessions you'll gain immensely, because they're tailored to your specific circumstances, mind/body type and desired outcome.

Mindful Movement Every Day Makes a World of Difference to Your Overall Well-being

Revive From Stress & Anxiety

1-1 Wellness Coaching

I can guide you in exercise, lifestyle choices and diet to eliminate symptoms and rebuild long-term resilience. First we'll identify your mind/body type, then where you're out of balance. You'll learn to listen to your body and become empowered with the know-how to heal and thrive.

Let's explore how my approach can help you revive from pain, stress, and anxiety.

Marcia, IL

I am enjoying our online yoga classes. The neck and shoulder work this week with the roller was superb!

Vicki, PA

Before meeting Caroline, I felt overwhelmed and stressed. Her supportive nature has helped me organize my thoughts, reduce my anxiety, and improve my sleep.

Elaine, CA

Caroline was a true delight. She cultivated a wonderful group of fellow travelers. Her thoughtfulness in planning and leading the retreat were exceptional.
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